What is the danger of a hemorrhoid unit or lumps?

A few months ago, a woman came to the clinic. Two months ago, she had discomfort in her anus, mucus, blood. And she was treating hemorrhoids on her own. The medication didn’t help. Exam showed that the tumor wasn’t being treated. 
But two months ago, Dr. Denis Slinkin claims there was a chance.

But even if it wasn’t a tumor! Prolonged visits to the doctor delays the treatment, rehabilitation and recovery process,” Dr. Denis Slinkin stresses once again. – Tissues lose elasticity, change, there are all kinds of complications. When a small hole is found on our clothes, we try to sew it right away. Because from now on it will become bigger and bigger – and only varnish will help. It’s the same here. It’s a pity we’re less careful with our bodies than we are with our clothes.

Dr. Denis Slinkin

As you can see, in order to preserve the health of the intestines and rectum, as well as the whole body, it is important not only to eat properly, avoid bad habits, lead a healthy life, but also to see doctors as soon as there are any symptoms of disease. And proctological – pain in the anus, blood – is no exception. They should never be ignored, or you’ll end up on a surgical table, says Dr. Denis Slinkin.